europe graz Graz is situated in the south-east of Austria. The center is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Popular are the Schlossberg castle, the Eggenberg Castle, the Landeszeughaus armoury, the cathedral and many museums. MORE ABOUT GRAZ


Parking in Graz

p-europe Chargeable parking is set in the center of Graz in 2 parking zones (red and green). The zones are indicated with traffic signs and markings at all entrances and exits. The maximum stay on-street is limited and unlimited in the car parks and P+R-locations.

On-street paid parking in Graz

In the red zone paid parking is appicable on :
• Monday-Friday 09.00-20.00 hours, Saturday 08.00-13.00 hours
• Rate : € 0.90/30 min (first 10 min free of charge)
• Maximum stay : 3 hours
- 1 hour on Europaplatz
- 1,5 hour on Kaiser-Josef-Platz, Schlögelgasse, Lendplatz.
- In Hauptbahnhof Viertel paid parking daily from 08.00-22.00 hrs.

In the green zone paid parking applies on Monday-Friday from 09.00-20.00 hours. The maximum stay is unlimited. Parking rate : € 0.60/30 min., daily max : € 7,00

Car parks in Graz

Long term parking capacity is available in several car parks in and near the city center. The parking rates are high. READ MORE

P+R in Graz

Cheap or free parking is possible at the P+R facilities on the outskirts.
• P+R Puntigam (3km south of the city centre)- Bus Line 5 to the centre.
• P+R Zentralfriedhof (2km south of the city centre)- Bus lines 5, 67
• P+R Webling (3km south/west of the city centre)- Bus line 32
• P+R Weinzödl (4km north of the city) - Bus Line 52 to Central Station