europe ita Trieste is a city and seaport in northeastern Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia. It is a very charming city with several pubs and cafes, beautiful architecture and sea view. Popular sites are Città Vecchia (Old Town) with several museums, the Roman Theatre, and the nearby Grotta Gigante. MORE ABOUT TRIESTE.

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ZTL in Trieste

ïta The inner city of Trieste is not accessible for visiting car drivers. The area is partly a ZTL zone and partly a pedestrian area. The ZTL is operational permanently and controlled by cameras. Visiting car drivers are advised to park in the car parks outside the ZTL or pedestrian zone.

On-street parking Trieste

p-europe On-street paid parking is set in the area around the ZTL and the pedestrian zone on Monday-Saturday from 08.00-20.00 hours. Parking rate is EUR 1.60 per hour.

Car parks Trieste

Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city center. Parking rate in public car parks around EUR 1.40-1.90 per hour.
1 - Saba Flavio Gioia - Via Flavio Gioia - Trieste
2 - Silos - Piazza della libertà, 9 - Trieste
3 - Parking Hangarage   - Via Milano, 4 - Trieste
4 - Saba Foro Ulpiano - Foro Ulpiano, 1 - Trieste
5 - Autorimessa Central - Via Scipio Slataper 5 - Trieste
6 - Saba Via della Pietà - Via della Pietà, 7 - Trieste
7 - Park San Giusto - Via del Teatro Romano 7 - Trieste
8 - Parcheggio Campo San Giacomo - Campo S.Giacomo, 16 - Trieste
9 - Garage Regina - Via della Raffineria, 6 - Trieste