europe The Principality of Monaco is a city-state on the French Riviera, only a few kilometres away from Italy. The city is a resort for tourists and a tax haven for businesses. Popular sites to visit are the Casino/Opera House, Oceanographic Museum. the Cathedral, and Fort Antoine. MORE ABOUT MONACO / MONTE CARLO

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Parking Monaco

p-europe On-street parking for visitors is not possible in the inner city. The only cars allowed are from Monaco residents. All other vehicles are strictly forbidden to drive and to park.
parking Monaco

Parking on-street Monte Carlo

Since there are no on-street parking bays with parking meters in Monte Carlo you are forced to park in one of the car parks. The parking rates however are rather modest, in the evening and night even very cheap! If you do not wish to walk around in Monaco you can use the cheap public transport.

Public Car parks Monaco

p-europe Parking in the first hour is free of charge. The 2nd hour costs € 5.10. In the next few hours the rate will be gradually reduced to € 0.40/hr in the 8th-12th hour. Daily max. is € 20.00. From 19:00-08:00 : € 0.40/hr.
P1 - Parking Grimaldi Forum - Av. Princesse Grace - 98000 Monaco
P2 - Parking Louis II – Blv.Louis II - 98000 Monaco
P3 - Parking Casino - Av. Monte-Carlo - 98000 Monaco
P4 - Parking Costa – Av. de la Costa - 98000 Monaco
P5 - Parking Ostende – Av. d'Ostende - 98000 Monaco
P6 - Parking de la Gare – Av. d'Alsace - 98000 Monaco
P7 - Parking Bosio - Rue Bosio - 98000 Monaco
P8 - Parking Place d'Armes - Rue Terrazzani - 98000 Monaco
P9 - Centre Comm. Fontvieille – 2, Av. Prince Albert - 98000 Monaco
P10 - Stade Louis II – Av. des Castelans - 98000 Monaco
P11 - Parking Papalins – Av. des Papalins - 98000 Monaco
P12 - Parking Digue – Espl. Stefano Casiraghi - 06320 Monaco
P13 - Parking Pêcheurs – Tunnel Pêcheurs - 06320 Monaco
p-europe Please note : private car parks (not mentioned here) have even higher rates : € 3,20/hour, daily max € 40.20.