europe Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden Interesting places to visit are the Royal Palace Drottningholm, the Cemetery Skogskyrkogården, the city's oldest section “Gamla Stan”, the Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm City Hall, Nationalmuseum, the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet), the amusement park Tivoli Gröna Lund. MORE ABOUT STOCKHOLM

Parking in Stockholm

p-europe​ Chargeable parking is set to the city centre of Stockholm. Sufficient parking capacity is available, but not in the old town Gamla Stan. Free parking is allowed in the suburbs Liljeholmen and Solna and cheap parking at the P+R location near metrostations.

On-street parking Stockholm

p-europe Paid parking applies in the centre on Monday-Friday from 08.00-18.00 hours, Saturday 08.00-15.00 hours and Sunday 08.00-12.00 hours. Parking rate : SEK 12.00/hour
p-europe For long term parking the parking lots of the ferry terminals of Silja Line or Viking Line are available (SEK 500 for a maximum of 1 month).
p-europe Free parking is allowed in the suburbs Liljeholmen and Solna. Public transport (Metro) is available for additional travel to the city.

Car parks Stockholm

Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city centre. Special cheap rates apply for the evening and overnight parking. READ MORE

P+R parkings Stockholm

Stockholm Parkering has 21 park-and-ride facilities around Stockholm, outside of the congestion fee toll area, but near the train stations in Spanga, Flystra, Lidingö, Bromma, Hagersten, Västertorp en Alvsjo. Parking rate is 15-20 SEK for one day if you enter the P+R before 09.00 hours. After 09.00 hours an fee 20 SEK/hour applies. More information .