europe Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, situated in the middle of Hungary. The city is divided into 2 parts by the river Danube: Buda on the Western side and Pest on the Eastern side.

parking Budapest

Parking in Budapest

p-europe It is difficult to find a parking place in the city centre. On-street parking is divided into several zones. The inner city of Budapest is a car-free zone where parking is not permitted. In the area nearby limited parking applies. Free parking is possible outside the centre area.

On-street parking Budapest

Chargeable parking applies around the car-free city centre and in districts Buda Castle and Margaret Island :
- Monday-Friday between 08.00-18.00 hours
- Parking rate : HUF 440/hour
- Maximum parking duration : 3-4 hours
Parking on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays is free of charge.

NOTE: limited parking is set on Monday-Sunday from 08.00-20.00 hours at the Grand Boulevard and within the Danube area, the full District V and parts of District VI, VIII and IX.

Car parks Budapest

For long parking your advised to park in one of the (multi-storey) car parks in het centre of Budapest. You will find these carparks near shopping centers and international hotels. The carparks are open 24/7, hourly rate is 240-600 HUF. Read more.

P+R parking Budapest

Cheap or free parking is set to the P+R parking lots near the metrostation and bus terminals on the outskirts of the city : Árpád bridge, Nagyvárad square, Örs Vezer Square, Nepliget a.s.o.