Murcia is located in southeastern Spain, known for its University, Huerta and fruits and vegetables products, and its folklore, festivals and several baroque churches. Parking in the city centre is limited and the parking fee is progressive.

On-street parking in Murcia

Chargeable parking applies in the city centre from :
• Monday-Friday between 09.00-14.00 and 16.30-20.00 hours.
• Saturday between 9.00 -14.00 hours
• Max parking duration zone blue : 2,5 hours e
• Parking rate : 1 hour € 0.50, 2,5 hours € 2.70
Note: Parking on Saturdays in July and August is free of charge.

Car parks in Murcia

Unlimited parking is set to the car parks in the city centre. Parking rates : € 1.80-2.05/hour, daily maximum € 18.00-23.50, pending on location. Read more.

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