europe ita Salamanca is a city in northwestern part of Spain. The city is well known by its important university, the oldest university in Spain. The centro historico is on the Unesco World Heritage list. Salamanca is not too big to see on foot, especially the main attractions, which are all quite close to one another. More about Salamanca.

Parking in Salamanca

Parking is a real problem in the small city center of Salamanca since the streets are not suitable for parking and a part is a pedestrian zone. On busy days it can happen that car parks are full most of the day.

Parking on-street Salamanca

Paid parking is set in the city center in two zones:
- Monday-Friday from 09.00-14.00 and 16.00-20.00 hours
- Saturday from 09.00-14.00 hours
Blue zone (inner city)
- Max duration : 2 hours
- Parking rate: 1st hour € 0.80, 2 hours € 2.00
Green zone (rest of city center)
- Max duration : 5 hours
- Parking rate: 1st hour € 0.80, 5 hours € 4.55

Free parking

Free parking capacity is available on walking distances south from the river, in the areas near the Roman Bridge, the Canalejas Promenade close to the University Campus, the Bus Station, the Hospitals and the Paseo Carmelitas. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to Plaza Mayor. In some areas bus transfer to the center is available.

Car Parks Salamanca

P1 - Parking Le Mans - Plaza de los Bandos, 5 - 37002 Salamanca
P2 - Aparcamiento Santa Eulalia - Pl. Santa Eulalia, 1 - 37001 Salamanca
P3 - Garajes Monroy - Calle de Monroy, 35 - 37001 Salamanca
P4 - Parking Campillo Centro - Plaza del Campillo - 37002 Salamanca
P5 - Crespo Rascón - C. Condes de Crespo Rascón, 52 - 37002 Salamanca
P6 - Hospital Santísima Trinidad - Av. de Villamayor, 1 - 37007 Salamanca
P7 - Reyes Catedral - Avenida de los Reyes de España - 37008 Salamanca