europe Bielefeld is situated in the north-east of North-Rhine Westphalia, north of the Teutoburg Forest. The inner city is more or less a car free zone. You can find sufficient places to park : limited on street and unlimited in car parks.

parking bielefeld

On-street parking Bielefeld

Chargeable parking applies the centre of Bielfeld and surrounding areas :
• Monday-Saturday between 08.00-22.00 hours
• parking rate : € 1.30/hour
• maximum parking duration: 150 min

Unlimited parking is set to parking lots:
• Zentrum and Große-Kurfürsten-Str. : € 1.50/hour, daily max. € 10.00, overnight rate (21.00-07.00 hour) : € 2.00.
• Parkplatz Hauptpost : parking rate € 2.00/hour, daily max. € 5.00, overnight rate (19.00-06.00 hour) : € 2.50.

In the area around the Innenstadt chargeable parking applies on Monday-Friday between 08.00-18.00 uur. Parking rate € 0,70/hour.

Free parking

Free parking is set to the Randenborgh Weg, Friedenstraße(Kaufhalle), Kesselbrink, Niederwall, Teutoburger Straße, Werner-Bock-Straße, Seidenstickerhalle, Hermann-Delius-Straße, Kunsthalle, Altes Rathaus Falkstraße, Kindermannstraße, Herforder Straße and Mercatorstraße.
With your blue parking disc you may park 2 hours for free in the blue zones on Monday-Friday between 08.00-11.00 hours and on Saturday between 07.00-22.00 hours.

Car parks Bielefeld

Unlimited parking is also set to car parks in the city centre. Parking rates in public car parks : € 1.20-1.80/hour, daily maximum € 5.00-12.00. Read more.