europe ita Bari, located in southern Italy, is the capital of Bari Provence and of the Apulia Region on the Adriatic coast. The city is popular for its historic buildings and sites. the old town for the many hip bars and restaurants.

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ZTL zone Bari

ïta Centro Storico of Bari is a ZTL-zone where driving and parking is authorized to permit holders only. The ZTL is active every day from 12.00-24.00 hours and controlled by video cameras. If you stay in a hotel in the ZTL zone ask your hotel to assist you with the registration of your license plate number of your car. Map ZTL BARI

On-street parking Bari

Chargeable parking on-street applies in the districts Murat, Liberta, Modanella and the old town Bari Vecchia on Monday-Saturday between 08.30-20.30 hours.
Parking rates :
- Zone A Murat district: € 2.00/hour
- Zone B Liberta Quarter: € 1.00/hour
- Zone C Madonnella district: € 1/hour
- Zone D perimeter Bari Vecchia: € 1/hour

Car parks Bari

Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city centre. Parking rate in public car parks around EUR 2,- per hour.
P1 - Saba Bari Porto - 5, Corso Vittorio Veneto - 70123 Bari
P2 - Quick San Francesco - 54, Via Giovan Battista Trevisani - 70123 Bari
P3 - Garage Dante di Ceglie Giuseppe - 14, Via Melo Da Bari - 70122 Bari
P4 - Autorimessa Cinquepalmi M. - 119, Via Roberto Da Bari - 70122 Bar
P5 - Gran Garage - 12, Via Domenico Nicolai - 70122 Bari
P6 - Garage Crisanzio - Via Scipione Crisanzio, 81 - 70123 Bari
P7 - Gestipark Battisti - Piazza Cesare Battisti - 70121 Bari
P8 - Saba Bari Guadagni - Via Dieta di Bari, 18 - 70121 Bari
P9 - Silopark Sonnino   - Corso Sonnino Sidney, 25/A - 70121 Bari