europe Winterthur is a city in the canton of Zurich in northern Switzerland, appr. 30 kilometres (19 mi) north-east of Zurich. Winterthur is a service and high tech industry centre.

Parking on-street in City Centre Winterthur

parking europe​ The inner city of Winterthur is a car free zone. Parking is set to the area adjacent to the city centre. Chargeable parking applies from Monday-Saturday between 07.00-20.00 hours, rate CHF 1.50/hour.

Car parks in Bern

Unlimited parking is set to the car parks in the city centre.
Parking rates in the city centre are CHF 1.50-2.00, pending on location.
P1 - AXA Winterthur - Museumstrasse - 8400 Winterthur
P2 - Technikum Nord - Technikumstrasse - 8400 Winterthur
P3 - Technikum Süd - Rosenstrasse - 8400 Winterthur
P4 - Theater - Museumstrasse - 8400 Winterthur
P5 - Eulachpassage - Lagerhausstrasse - 8400 Winterthur
P6 - Bahnhof - Rudolfstrasse - 8400 Winterthur