europe Cádiz is a town in Andalusia, in southwestern Spain, situated on a narrow slice of land surrounded by the sea. Cadiz is the oldest city in western Europe. Touristical attractions are the Archeological Museum (Plaza de Mina) and the remains of the Roman theatre, just behind the Old Cathedral. MORE ABOUT CADIZ

Parking in Cadiz

parking europe​ Parking in the city of Vadiz is difficult since the capacity is limited. The best options are the parking lots and the car parks in the centre and in zona Franca. Check the zone regulations to avoid that your car will be towed away.

Parking on-street Cadiz

On-street parking is set to parking bays marked with a large blue sign with P on Monday-Friday from 09.30-1400 and 17.00-20.30 hours, Saturday from 09.30-14.00 hours. Parking rate : € 0.90 per hour

Car parks Cadiz

The fares for one hour parking is about € 2.00. A full day parking varies from € 15.00 to € 21.00, the average is € 17.00.
P1 - Campo del Sur - Av. Campo del Sur, 0 - 11005 Cádiz
P2 - El Tenis - Calle Benito Pérez Galdós, 1, - 11003 Cádiz
P3 - Santa Barbera - Paseo de Santa Bárbara, s/n - Cádiz
P4 - San Antonio - Plaza San Antonio, s/n, - 11004 Cádiz
P5 - Muelle Reina Sofia - Paseo Almte/Pascual Pery, 4, - 11004 Cádiz
P6 - Canalejas Carranza - Av. del Puerto, s/n, 11006 Cádiz
P7 - Varela - C. Dr. José Manuel Pascual y Pascual - 11007 Cádiz
P8 - Nino S.L. - Paseo Marítimo, 3 - 11010 Cádiz
P9 - Gadir - Av. José León de Carranza, s/n, - 11001 Cádiz

Parking Lots Cadiz

There are open air parking lots in Cadiz. The average price is lower than the undergound car parks. Be aware that in the summer time your car will be very hot and it takes quite a while to cool down.
- Varcarsel - Av. Duque de Nájera, 6, - 11002 Cádiz
- San Jose - Avenide Ana de Viya, 5, - 11009 Cádiz
- Puerta del Mar - Av. Ana de Viya, 54D - 11009 Cádiz
- Saba Estación Cádize - Plaza de Sevilla, S/N - 11006 Cádiz
- Atlántida - C.José Ramos Borrero Requetes - 11100 San Fernando, Cádiz
- Zona Franca - Av. Ronda de Vigilancia, 0, - 11001 Cádiz