europe ita Rome is the third-most-visited tourist destination in Europe, the seat of the Italian Government and the Roman catholic church. In the centre of Rome parking is possible but very limited. The best option to park is a car park.

Driving in Rome

Traffic in Rome is chaotic and stressful. Roman car driver are sometimes aggressive. Our advice is to park your car as quickly as possible and spend your time in Rome car-free. Besides that, street parking in the historic center is hardly possible, there no parking bays.

ZTL zone Rome

ïta Rome has a restricted area ZTL ("Zona Traffico Limitato") in Centro Storico and Trastevere where driving is authorized only to local inhabitants or to individuals destined for a hotel in the restricted zone. Your hotel will assist you with the registration of your license plate number. The ZTL-zones in Rome are controlled by video cameras.

parking rome

On-street parking Rome

Paid parking applies outside the ZTL zone on parking bays along blue lines:
• Monday-Friday between 08.00-20.00/23.00 hours, pending on zone
• Parking rate : € 1.50/hour
• Parking duration : unlimited
In residential areas you can park cheap and unlimited: 1st hour € 0,50, € 2 for 12 hours and € 3 for 16 hours.
Free on-street parking is possible in areas near hospitals on parking bays with white stripes. Maximum parking duration is 3 hrs. Use your blue international parking disc.

Car parks Rome

Parking capacity in Centro Storico is very limited. Most of the car parks can be found around the old town. Parking rates in public car parks : € 1.00-5.00/hour, daily maximum € 12.00 - € 40.00. Read more.

P+R Rome

Cheap parking is set on the parking lots or car parks near several metrostations outside the city centre of Rome. Parking is these park and ride lots cost € 2.00 for 12 hours, or € 3.00 for longer (up to all day). Read more.