europe Osnabrück is a city in Lower Saxony. It is located in a valley penned between the Wiehen Hills and the northern tip of the Teutoburg Forest. Parking is easy in Osnabrück, sufficient places and not expensive.

What to see in Osnabrück

Popular destinantions are the Osnabrücker Rathaus (city hall), the medieval St. Peter's Cathedral, the Heger Tor monument, the Osnabrück Castle (now University) and its gardens, and the Osnabrücker Zoo.

parking osnabruck

On-street parking Osnabrück

Chargeable parking applies in the centre of Osnabrück :
• Monday-Saturday between 08.00-18.00 hours
• Parking rate : free of charge 0-15 min, then € 2.00/hour,
• daily maximum € 5,00-10,00, pending on location.

Car parks Osnabrück

Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city centre. Parking rates in public car parks : € 2.00/hour. Read more.

P+R Osnabrück