europe Bruges is one of the touristical towns of Belgium. The city offers a great diversity of sites to visit, all within walking distance of each other. So you don't need a car once you have arrived in the city center.

parking bruges

Parking Bruges

Paid and limited on-street parking is set in the inner city of Bruges. For long parking you are advised to park in one of the multistory car parks on walking distance from the center. Cheap parking is possible near the railway station with free public transport to the inner city. Free parking is available at one of the P+R's on the outskirts of the city.

On-street parking Bruges

In het city center of Bruges paid parking applies on:
• Monday-Sunday 09.00-20.00 hours
• max parking duration : 2 hours
• parking rates : 1st hour € 1.80, 2nd hour: € 2.40.

Parking Railway Station Bruges

Cheap parking is offered on the big parking lot of the railway station of Bruges. The parking fee is € 0.70/hour, daily maximum € 3.50. The city centre is on walking distance. Free public transport with bus for 3 persons.

Car parks in Bruges

If you like tot park more than 2 hours you better visit one of the car parks in of near the centre of Bruges. Parking rates : € 1.40/hour, daily maximum is € 8.70. Specials rates apply for evening and overnight parking. Read more.

Park + Ride Bruges

Free parking is set on the P+R's. Public transport to the city center is available.
P+R Coiseaukaai - Lodewijk Coiseaukaai - 8000 Brugge
P+R Bevrijdingslaan - Bevrijdingslaan - 8000 Brugge
P+R Magdalenastraat - Magdalenastraat - 8200 Sint-Andries (Brugge)
P+R Jan Breydel - Olympialaan - 8200 Sint-Andries (Brugge)
P+R Boogschutterslaan - Boogschutterslaan 42 - 8310 Sint-Kruis (Brugge)
P+R Steenbrugge - Baron Ruzettelaan - 8310 Assebroek (Brugge)