europe The town of Basel lies in the north-western corner of Switzerland, close to the borders with France and Germany. The river Rhine curves through the city and divides the town into two parts. Situated on the south and west bank is Grossbasel (Great Basel) with the medieval old town at its center.

Parking in Basel

parking europe Parking in the old city is relatively expensive and scarce. There is a network of public garages at the periphery of the city center, generally open 24/7. Neighborhoods are divided into blue areas (limited parking) and white areas (unlimited parking).

On-street parking Basel

In the blue zones you may park for free for 1 hour with your european blue disc from Monday-Saturday between 08.00-19.00 hours. Blue discs can be purchased at fuel stations, restaurants, kiosks, police stations, and garages.
Unlimited parking is permitted in the white marked parking bays unless other information on the parking shields forbid this.

Car parks in Bern

Unlimited parking is set to the car parks in the city centre.
Parking rates in the city centre are 3 CHF. Lower rates apply for evening and overnight parking. Read more