europe ita Palermo is the capital of Sicily. Popular tourist destinations are the Palazzo dei Normanni, the Quattro Canti and the Catacombs, the Monastery and Cathedral of Monreale in the nearby village of Monreale. The city centre is a ZTL (Zone Traffico Limitato) with acces only for car drivers with a permit.

ZTL Palermo

ïta Palermo has a restricted area (ZTL) in the centre where a Congestion Charge is applicable for all local car drivers with a pass. The ZTL-zone in Palermo is controlled by video cameras and is active every day from 08.00 to 20.00 hours. Map ZTL Palermo

Parking in the centre of Palermo is only permitted along streets with the blue lines. The best chance for a parking place is on Monday morning or Sunday (when the shops are closed) or early afternoon during lunch time. Saturday afternoon can be very difficult. parking Palermo

On-street parking Palermo

Chargeable parking is applicable in the area adjacent to the ZTL zone of Palermo :
- Monday-Friday between 08.00-14.00 and 16.00-20.00 hours
- Parking rate : € 0.50-1.00/hour, pending on zone
- Parking duration : 3 hours to unlimited

A different parking regulation is set to:
- Piazzale Ungheria : 24 hrs per day. Parking rate 08.00-20.00 hours : € 1.50/hour, 20.00-08.00 hours: € 1.50/hr.
- Viale Basile: paid parking 08.00-20.00 hours, € 2.00/hr.
Parking tickets (scheda di parcheggio) can be bought at the tobacconists, bars or shops (or from an unofficial parking “helper”).

Car parks Palermo

Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city centre. Parking rates in public car parks : € 1.00-1.50/hour, maximum day rate (24 hours): € 10.00-15.00. Read more.