europe Linz is located in Austria along the river Danube, south of the Czech border. The city is well known for its shopping. Populair destinations are the St.Mary's Cathedral, Pöstlingberg Kirche, Bruckner Haus and Linzer Landestheater. MORE ABOUT LINZ.

Parking in Linz

p-europe​ Chargeable parking applies to a great part of Linz. The city center is mainly a short term parking zone. Long term parking can only be done in one of the (multi-storey) car parks or on one of the free parking lots on the outskirts of Linz. The parking fares are reasonable.

On-street parking in Linz

Chargeable parking applies in the centre of Linz on Monday-Friday from 08.00-18.30 hours and on Saturday from 08.00-12.00 hours.
The maximum stay is 1,5 hour and 3 hours at the edge of the centre. Parking rate is € 1.00 per 30 min.
Around the Central Railway station paid parking applies every day from 08.00 to 18.30 hours.

Free parking Linz

Free parking is set to the following parking lots:
• Urnenfriedhof (Freistädter Straße 143)
• Heilham (Kreuzung Linke Brückenstraße/Ferihumerstraße 62)
• Ebelsberg (Kremsmünsterer Straße 23)
• Urfahraner Jahrmarktgelände (Ars-Electronica-Straße)
• Stadtfriedhof St. Martin (Wiener Bundesstraße 105)
• Stadionparkplatz (Ziegeleistraße 65)

Car parks in Linz

If you prefer long-term parking in the city center, the car parks are the best options. The parking rates are € 1.30 per 30 min. Special cheap rates apply for evening and overnight parking. READ MORE
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