europe bel Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium. Driving in the city is not difficult, however the crossroads seem very chaotic for foreigners. The one-way roads in the city centre make it difficult to get to a specific place. So our advice is : park your car as close as possible and discover Antwerp on foot.

Parking in Antwerp

Paid parking is set on parking bays along the streets except on Sundays and Public Holidays. Parking in the city centre is limited, and payable between 09.00 and 22.00; in some streets behind the Frankrijk- , Italie-, Britse- and Amerikalei, from 09.00 to 19.00. There are lots of parking buildings and underground car parks in the city centre with unlimited and safeguarded parking.


On-street parking in Antwerp

Chargeable parking applies in the red zone (in city centre, and east from the Frankrijklei in the areas Stadspark, Zoo and railway station):
• Monday-Saturday between 09.00-22.00 hours
• maximum parking duration : 3 hours
• parking rates : 1st hour € 1.60, 2nd hour € 2.70, 3rd hour € 3.80.

In the area adjacent to the red zone chargeable and unlimited parking applies in :
LIGHT GREEN ZONE : 09.00-19.00 hours
• parking rates : 1st hour € 0.70, after that € 1.10/hour.
DARK GREEN ZONE : 09.00-19.00 hours :
• parking rates : 1st hour € 0.70, after that € 1.10/hour, 24 hours € 3.80

Car parks in Antwerp

Safe and unlimited parking is available in the car parks in the centre of Antwerp. The parking fares are reasonable: city centre area : € 1.50-2.50/hour, daily maximum € 15.00-25.00. Read more.

P+R Parkings Antwerp

Free parking is possible at P+R parking lots on the outskirts of the city. Tram and/or bus transport to the city centre are available. Read more.