europe bel Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Traffic in Brussels is, as in any large city, not advisable. Park your car in one of the many car parks or use one of the eight free P+R locations on the outskirts of the city. Public transport to the city centre is available.
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P+R Brussels

P+R Lennik - 100 Lenniksebaan - 1070 Anderlecht (Metro Erasmus)
P+R Ceria - Bergensesteenweg - 1070 Anderlecht (metro) ‎
P+R Stalle - Stallestraat - 1180 Ukkel (Tram)
P+R Reyers - Kolonel Bourgstraat - 1030 Schaarbeek (tram)
P+R Roodebeek - Av.P.Hymans - St-Lambrechts/Woluwe (Metro)
P+R Kraainem - Wezembeeklaan - St.-Lambrechts-Woluwe (Metro)
P+R Delta - Jules Cockxstraat - Oudergem (Metro)
P+R Hermann-Debroux - Under the overpass (Metro)