europe Reims is situated in northern France. The city is perhaps best known for its cathedral, where generations of French kings were crowned. On-street parking is cheap but limited in the city centre. The car parks are the best options for long term parking.

parking Reims

Car parks Reims

Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city centre. Parking rates in public car parks : € 1.50/hour, daily maximum € 12.50.
P1 - Parking Hôtel de Ville - rue de Pouilly - 51100 Reims
P2 - Parking Erlon - Boulevard du Général Leclerc - 51100 Reims
P3 - Parking Buirette - rue Buirette - 51100 Reims
P4 - Parking Cathédrale - rue des Capucins - 51100 Rheims
P5 - Parking Gambetta - Rue Gambetta - 51100 Rheims
P6 - Parking Gare Reims - Rue Edouard Mignot - 51100 Reims