europe Free parking is set to most of the P+R parkings on the outskirts of Rotterdam. These P+R locations are close to the metrostations. Public transport via metro or train to the city centre is available. The P+R's in Schiedam are not free of charge.

parking Rotterdam

P+R Rotterdam

P+R Alexander - Prins Alexanderlaan 35, 3068 PN Rotterdam
P+R Capelsebrug - Abram v Rijckevorselpln 40 - 3065 SM R'dam
P+R Kralingse Zoom - Kralingse Zoom 50, 3062 SM Rotterdam
P+R Noorderhelling - Stadionweg (Feijenoord Station), R'dam
P+R Slinge - Slinge 763, 3086 EZ Rotterdam
P+R Hoogvliet - Langs de Baan 94, 3191 TP Hoogvliet
P+R Schieveste - Horvathweg 3 3112 HB Schiedam
P+R Parallelweg - Parallelweg 2 3112 NA Schiedam.

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