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Innsbruck, a popular tourist destination in Austria, offers several parking options for visitors. The inner city of INNSBRUCK is a car free zone with paid parking on bays signed with a blue lines on the street. Be aware that the parking bays with white lines are reserved for residents only.
Here's an overview of some of the parking options available in Innsbruck: car parking innsbruck austria


City Centre
Pay Times
Charge and Stay
Monday to Friday
09:00 - 21:00
€ 2,00/hour
max. 1,5 hour
09:00 - 13:00
as above
Sunday / Public Holidays
Free parking


p-europe First adjacent area : Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00., max 3 hrs, fee € 2.00/hr.
p-europe 2nd ring : Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00. Fee : € 2.00/hr, fee € 8.00/day.
p-europe Parkzone Tivoli (east from central railway station) : Monday-Sunday from 09:00-19:00. Parking fee € 2.00/hour, € 8.00/day.


Free parking is possible in the area inside Kranebitterweg, Fürstenweg, Sebastian Kneippweg and Fischerhäuslweg.

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There are several car parks located in the center of Wels that are convenient for visiting the city's main attractions. Parking in a car park is more safe then parking on the streets.
For long-term parking in the city centre, the car parks are the best options. Rates : € 2.00-2.40/hour, € 18.50/day.
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Innsbruck offers cheap parking on P+R Olympiaworld (east of the city) and P+R Hafen (west of the city), open on Monday - Sunday from 06:00 - 19:00.
Parking incl. 5 return tickets with public transport to the centre : € 8.00.

Events in Innsbruck

Some of the biggest events in Innsbruck :
  1. Bergsilvester - This is a popular New Year's Eve celebration in Innsbruck, featuring fireworks, music, and other festivities in the historic Old Town.

  2. Innsbruck Festival of Early Music - This music festival takes place every August and features performances of early music from around the world.

  3. Innsbruck International Film Festival - This film festival takes place every May and showcases films from around the world, including documentaries, shorts, and feature films.

  4. Christkindlmarkt - During the holiday season, Innsbruck hosts several Christmas markets throughout the city. The largest and most popular is the Christkindlmarkt in the Old Town, which features food, drinks, and crafts from local vendors.

  5. Tiroler Abend - This is a traditional Tyrolean folk show that takes place every Tuesday evening from May to October, featuring music, dance, and traditional costumes.

  6. Innsbruck Dance Summer - This dance festival takes place every July and features performances and workshops by dancers from around the world.

  7. Hungerburg New Year's Concert - This is a classical music concert that takes place on New Year's Day in the Hungerburgbahn station, a unique and historic location with stunning views of the city.

Popular tourist Attractions in Innsbruck

  1. Altstadt von Innsbruck - Innsbruck's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with colorful, historic buildings, narrow streets, and charming cafes and shops.

  2. Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) - This famous landmark in the Old Town is a stunning, gilded balcony that was built in the 15th century by Emperor Maximilian I.

  3. Imperial Palace (Hofburg) - This beautiful palace was the residence of the Habsburgs during their rule in Tyrol. It's now a museum with collections of art, armor, and more.

  4. Bergisel Ski Jump - This modern ski jump is a major landmark in Innsbruck, offering amazing views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

  5. Ambras Castle (Schloss Ambras) - This impressive Renaissance castle was built in the 16th century and is located just outside of the city center. It houses a collection of art and artifacts.

  6. Alpine Zoo (Alpenzoo) - This zoo is home to a wide variety of animals native to the Alps, including bears, wolves, and lynx.

  7. Nordkette Cable Car (Nordkettenbahn) - This cable car takes visitors up to the top of the surrounding mountains, providing incredible views of Innsbruck and the surrounding landscape.

  8. Tyrolean Folk Art Museum (Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum) - This museum houses a collection of traditional Tyrolean folk art, including costumes, furniture, and crafts.

Events in Klagenfurt

Some of the biggest events in Klagenfurt :
  1. Carinthian Summer Music Festival - This is a classical music festival that takes place in July and August in Klagenfurt and the surrounding areas. It features world-renowned musicians and orchestras.

  2. Wörthersee Triathlon - This triathlon event is held annually in July and attracts athletes from all over the world. It includes a swimming competition in the Wörthersee Lake, a cycling race in the surrounding countryside, and a running race through the streets of Klagenfurt.

  3. Altstadtzauber - This is a summer festival held in the Old Town of Klagenfurt. It features street performers, live music, and food and drink stalls.

  4. Klagenfurt City Beach - During the summer months, Klagenfurt transforms its central square into a city beach. Visitors can sunbathe, swim, and participate in various beach activities.

  5. Advent Market - During the holiday season, Klagenfurt hosts several Christmas markets throughout the city, including the Advent Market in the Old Town. It features food, drinks, and crafts from local vendors.

  6. Ironman Austria - This is one of the largest Ironman events in the world and is held annually in July in Klagenfurt. It includes a 2.4-mile swim in the Wörthersee Lake, a 112-mile bike ride through the countryside, and a full marathon through the streets of Klagenfurt.

  7. Fete Blanche - This is a summer music festival that takes place annually in August. It features electronic music and is known for its white dress code.

Popular tourist Attractions in Klagenfurt

  1. Wörthersee Lake - This is the largest lake in Carinthia and is known for its crystal clear waters and stunning views. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, and enjoy water sports on the lake.

  2. Minimundus - This is a miniature park featuring over 150 models of famous buildings from around the world. It's a great place to learn about world landmarks and take fun photos.

  3. Lindwurm - This is a historic landmark in the heart of Klagenfurt, featuring a dragon statue called the Lindwurm, which is a symbol of the city.

  4. Landhaus and Landesmuseum - This Renaissance building is the former seat of the Carinthian estates and now houses the Carinthian Museum of Regional History and the Carinthian Provincial Archives.

  5. Dom zu Klagenfurt - This is the city's main cathedral, built in the 16th century in a Renaissance style. It features beautiful frescoes and is a great example of religious architecture.

  6. Botanical Garden of the University of Klagenfurt - This is a beautiful garden located on the university campus, featuring a wide variety of plants and flowers from around the world.

  7. City Gallery - This modern art museum is located in the city center and showcases contemporary art from local and international artists.

  8. Klagenfurt City Arkaden - This is a popular shopping center in the city center, featuring a wide variety of stores and restaurants.