europe Most of the German cities can offer a wide range of parking facilities, on-street parking as well as off-street parking lots (Parkplatz), above-ground garages (Parkhaus), and underground garages (Tiefgarage). Costs for parking in Germany seems to be pricey, but compared with other European countries the rate is rather modest.

Parking Regulations

Parking is only allowed on the right side of the road except on one-way streets where both sides are valid. Parking spaces with meters are usually free of charge at night and on Sundays.
Parking is not allowed up to 5 meters in front of/behind a crossing, up to 10 meters in front of traffic lights, up to 15 meters in front of/behind stop signs and exits.

Parking for disabled drivers in Germany The European Blue Card is valid in Germany. With this card you may park on parking spaces reserved for card holders only, but not if the space is marked with someone's name or a licence plate number.
Parking is allowed for up to 3 hours on a road or in a zone where parking is forbidden or in a residents zone. 24 Hours parking is allowed free-of-charge in a paid parking space or where parking is free but restricted by time.
You may park in a restricted traffic zone provided you do not cause an obstruction or danger and in a pedestrian zone but only if this is locally allowed.

Cities in Germany

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