europe Klagenfurt is situated in southern Austria, on the lake Wörthersee, close to Slovenia and Italy. Touristical attractions are the medieval castle, museums, galleries, and the modern boutiques, trendy bars, and beer gardens. MORE ABOUT KLAGENFURT

Parking in Klagenfurt

p-europe Klagenfurt has a big parking capacity inside or along the Ring. On-street parking is very cheap but the maximum stay is limited. For a longer stay you are advised to use the car parks in the centre.

On-street parking in Klagenfurt

Paid parking applies in Klagenfurt within the Ring and first adjacent area on Monday-Friday from 08:00-18:00 and Saturday from 08:00-12:00. Maximum stay is 3 hours, parking rate € 0.50 per 30 min (€ 1.00/hr).
The first 30 min is free of charge.

Car parks in Klagenfurt

If you prefer long-term parking, the car parks in the city center of Klagenfurt are the best options. The parking rates are : € 1.70 to € 3.50 per hour. READ MORE