europe Driving and parking is not difficult. Off-street parking is more advisable than on-street parking since strict laws apply for on-street parking. Parking on street is limited in most Czechia cities.

Driving on highways in Czechia

For driving on the Czechian highways your car needs to have a sticker for driving on the motorways D1 (from Poland near Bohumín), D2 (from Slovakia near Břeclav), D5 (from Germany near Rozvadov) and D8 (from Germany near Petrovice). The sticker can be bought on the first rest area after the border at the desks of the petrol stations. Buy the sticker with a credit card or in CZK currency. Do not buy it from other persons (unfair high rates).

Parking regulations in Czechia

Parking and driving are resticted in Czechia. Parking is only allowed on the right side of the road, but this restriction does not apply to one-way roads.
Do not park on a road where parking is prohibited and do not park in a pedestrian zone.
Parking along a tram line is prohibited unless a 3.5-metre wide lane is left between the vehicle and the tram lane. No parking within 5 metres of a junction, pedestrian crossing, or public transportation stop and within 15 metres of a train crossing.

Parking in Prague

On-street parking in Prague is restricted. Parking along green stripes means a maximum of six-hours parking, along orange stripes two hours. Areas marked with a blue line are for residents with parking permit only. Parking is forbidden along yellow lines.

Parking for disabled drivers If you are a disabled driver, you may display yourm international blue badge and park in designated disabled parking spaces. If you intend to park in a car park please check with the attendant the possibilities