europe Munich is the capital city of the German federal state Bavaria, the third largest city in the country. Munich offers visitors many sights and attractions such as arts and culture, shopping, fine dining, nightlife, sport events and last but not least the Bavarian beer halls. MORE ABOUT MUNICH

Parking in Munich

p-europe Limited on-street parking applies in the central area of the city during day hours and unlimited in the evening. Parking for visitors is only permitted on p-bays marked with blue lines. Parking in streets without blue lines is forbidden. Please note that a great part of the central area of Munich is Low Emission Zone (Umweltzone).

parking Munich

On-street parking Munich

p-europe Paid parking is set to the districts Altstadt, Hackenviertel, Kreuzviertel and Graggenauviertel on Monday-Saturday from 08:00-23:00.
Maximum stay till 19:00 is 2 hours and unlimited after 19:00.
Parking rate till 19:00 is € 0.50/12 min., after 19:00 : € 0.20/12 min.
p-europe In the adjacent area the rate is € 0.20/12 min., daily max.€ 6,00.
p-europe Parking is free on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Car parks Munich

Unlimited parking is also set to car parks in the city center. Parking rates car parks : € 2.00-6.00/hour. READ MORE

P+R parkings Munich

Cheap parking is available on the many P+R locations in the outskirts of the city with public transport to the city center.
Parking rates : € 1.00-1.50/day. READ MORE