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In LOUVAIN parking is difficult. The capacity and stay on-street are limited. There are free parking places in the centre for speed shopping. Visitors are advised to use the public car parks or private garages. A low emission zone doesn't exist in the city centre of Louvain.
car parking louvain


City centre
Pay Times
Charge and stay
Monday to Saturday
09:00 - 21:00
€ 2.00/hr
max 2-4 hrs (*)
Sunday / Public Holidays
free parking
(*) 15 min. FREE parking on the Shop-and-Go parking bays in the city centre. Road signs indicate where this parking is possible.


With an international blue parkig disc you may park 2 hours for free in the blue zones outside city centre from 09:00 - 18:00.


Long term parking is available in the car parks in the centre of Louvain. Parking rates : € 1.00-2.00/hour.
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On walking distance from the inner city free parking is set to:
p-europe P+R Bodart, south from the city centre. Public bus transport is available. Address : Koning Boudewijnlaan - 3000 Louvain.
p-europe With your entrance ticket for parking lot Sint-Jacobsplein or car park De Bond you can tavel for free with the public transport to the city centre.

Events in Louvain

Some of the biggest events in Louvain include:
  1. Leuven Jazz Festival: This annual music festival takes place in March and features a lineup of international jazz artists.

  2. Zomerfilms: This outdoor film festival takes place in July and August and features a variety of classic and contemporary films shown in the beautiful setting of the Ladeuzeplein.

  3. Hapje-Tapje: This food and drink festival takes place in August and features a variety of local cuisine and beer.

  4. Beleuvenissen: This summer music festival takes place on Friday evenings in July and August and features a variety of musical genres and performers.

  5. Het Groot Verlof Louvain: This summer festival takes place from July to September and features a variety of cultural events, including music, theater, dance, and art.

  6. Christmas Market Leuven: This festive market takes place in December and features a variety of food, drinks, and crafts.

Popular tourist Attractions in Louvain

  1. The Grand Beguinage: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beautifully preserved medieval complex of buildings that once housed a community of religious women.

  2. The St. Peter's Church: This stunning Gothic church dates back to the 15th century and features a beautiful altar, stained glass windows, and a unique double spire.

  3. The Town Hall: This impressive Gothic building dates back to the 15th century and features a stunning facade adorned with statues and carvings.

  4. The M-Museum: This modern art museum features a collection of contemporary and classical art, including works by local Flemish artists.

  5. The Old Market Square: This bustling square is lined with historic buildings and is a popular spot for outdoor cafes, restaurants, and bars.

  6. The Arenberg Castle: This historic castle dates back to the 16th century and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland.

  7. The Stella Artois Brewery: This historic brewery offers tours and tastings of its famous beer, which has been brewed in Louvain since 1926.