europe Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, situated in the middle of Hungary, divided into Buda on the Western side and Pest on the Eastern side of the Danube. Popular sites to visite are the Castle Hill, the Gellért Hill, Museum of Finest Arts, Hungarian National Museum, Parliament Buildings and Crown Jewels, and Margaret Bridge and its Baths. MORE ABOUT BUDAPEST

Parking in Budapest

p-europe The inner city of Budapest is a car-free zone where parking is not permitted. In the area nearby limited parking applies. Free parking is possible outside the centre area. Parking on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays is free of charge.

parking Budapest

On-street parking Budapest

p-europe Paid parking is set to the area between the Danube and the Grand Boulevard in Pest, and in the Castle Hill area in Buda on Monday-Friday from 08:00-20:00. Maximum stay 3 hours, parking rate HUF 440/hr.
p-europe In the rest of Buda and the area outside of the Grand Boulevard in Pest you have to pay for parking on Monday-Friday from 08:00-18:00.
The maximum stay is 3 hours, parking rate HUF 265/hour.
p-europe In all other parts of the city paid parking is set on Monday-Friday from 08:00-18:00. Maximum 3 hours, rate HUF175/hour.
p-europe Parking on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays is free of charge.

Car parks Budapest

For long parking your advised to park in one of the (multi-storey) car parks in het centre of Budapest. You will find these carparks near shopping centers and international hotels. The carparks are open 24/7, hourly rate is 240-600 HUF. READ MORE

P+R parking Budapest

Cheap or free parking is set to the P+R parking lots near the metrostation and bus terminals on the outskirts of the city : Árpád bridge, Nagyvárad square, Örs Vezer Square, Nepliget a.s.o.