europe Middelburg is in the capital of the province of Zeeland in the south-western part of the Netherlands. Middelburg is one of the oldest and touristical cities in the country. The centre is very approachable by bike, but not friendly for cars. MORE ABOUT MIDDELBURG

Parking in Middelburg

parking europe Parking is difficult in the historical inner city of Middelburg due to a lack of capacity. We advise you to use the parking lots or car parks. The parking-information system indicates where capacity is available.

parking middelburg

On-street parking in Middelburg

parking europe Paid parking applies in the centre on Monday-Saturday from 08:00-20:00. The maximum stay is 2 hours (4 hours on Dam Square).
Parking rate is € 2.30. Free parking on Sundays and Public Holidays.
parking europe Unlimited parking is set to parking lots Kanaalweg, Hof van Tange, Molenwater (square) and Loskade. Rate € 2,00/hour.
Daily maximum on parking lots Loskade and Hof van Tange € 11,15.
parking europe In the blue zones parking is free for 2 hours with the use of the international blue disk.

Car parks in Middelburg

Unlimited parking is also set to the car parks in the city centre. Parking rates are : € 2.00/hour. Parking is free of charge on Sunday. READ MORE.