europe europe In Belgium parking restrictions are clear. Most on-street parking is chargeable parking, with parking meters on the streets. For long term parking you need to go to the car parks.


Speed limits

The following max. speed limits apply for cars and motorbikes:
Urban roads : 30 - 50 km/h
Non-urban roads : 90 km/h
Motorways : 120 km/h

Parking regulations

Parking is not permitted within 15m of tram/bus/rail stops, or where tram/rail lines cross the road.
On streets with a yellow line on the curb and at signs with a red triangle (Axe Rouge)
Along very busy streets: no parking from 07.00-09.30 hours AM and 16.00-18.00 hours

Parking in blue zones

Blue zones means free parking with your international blue disc for a limited number of hours. This blue disc is available from petrol stations, newsagents and police stations.

Parking disabled car drivers With a European Blue Card you may park on parking spaces reserved for card holders only, but not if the space is marked with someone's name or a licence plate number.
In most areas parking is free of charge and without time limit on a road where payment is required. In case of payment, you may exceed the maximum time by extra payment.