europe europe Most Spanish towns and cities have a big parking problem. Parking is restricted in all cities and towns and prohibited in certain areas. Parking on the outskirts with public transport to the city centre is often the best solution.


Speed limits

The following max. speed limits apply for cars and motorbikes:
Urban areas : max 50 km/h
Regional roads : 90 km/h
Highways : 120 km/h

Parking regulations

Paid parking on-street is usually set on weekdays from 09:00-14:00 and 16:00-21:00, on Saturday from 09:00-14:00. The maximum stay is 2-3 hours. Please pay attention to the following parking rules:
parking on pavements, promenades and loading areas is forbidden.
parking along green lines is set for residents only.
parking along blue lines : paid parking with parking neters
parking along white lines : unrestricted and free parking
parking along yellow lines : handicap parking only

Parking disabled car drivers With a European Union Disabled Parking Permit you may park on disabled car park places in the Spanish cities. Each town has its own rules. Mostly parking is free of charge.