europe Parking designations are clearly marked. Parking is not permitted on the sidewalks and where you see a sign that reads Stationierungsverbot or Interdiction de Stationner. Free parking is set to white Zones, blue zones and red zones. Paid parking is set to White Zone Pay and Display and metered street places.

Free parking

• Parking spaces along white lines are free for parking .
• With a EU parking design disc parking is free in Blue Zones from Mon-Sat between 8.00-11.30 and 13.30-18.00, during 60 minutes.
• Parking is also free of charge in the red zones : up to 15 hours with a red parking disc (available from police stations, tourist offices and banks).
• Parking is not permitted in yellow zones .

Chargeable parking Switzerland

• Chargeable parking is applicable on spaces with parking meters.
• In the white zone chargeable parking is limited parking in Pay and Display areas.
Buy your ticket at a street machine, enter the car licence plate number and display it on the dashboard.

Parking for disabled drivers in Switzerland The European Blue Card is valid in Switzerland. With this card you may park on parking spaces reserved for card holders only, but not if the space is marked with someone's name or a licence plate number.
• On a road where parking is prohibited, parking is free, provided you do not cause an obstruction or danger.
• You may park for up to two hours in residential or pedestrian zones, if parking is permitted, for up to two hours .
• In paid parking areas parking is not free for holders of the European Blue Card. However, there are also parking zones where you may exceed the maximum time you have paid for by up to six hours.
• If free parking is applicable and parking is restricted by time, you may exceed up to six hours over the time limit.