europe Ghent is one of the touristical towns of Belgium, with beautiful Medieval buildings, castles and old city squares. Popular are the Belfry and Cloth Hall, Saint Bavo's Cathedral, Castle of the Counts and the Saint Nicholas's Church. MORE ABOUT GHENT

Parking in Ghent

The inner city of Gent is a paid parking area with priority for residents with p-permits. In some residential areas parking is free but limited with the international blue disc.

parking ghent

On-street parking Ghent

p-europe Paid parking applies in the city centre of Ghent on Monday-Saturday from 09:00-24:00. Maximum stay is 3 hours, parking rate € 2.20 to 2.40 per hour, day card € 11.00.
After 19:00 parking is unlimited and the parking rates are 50% lower.

In the area adjacent to the city centre paid parking is set:
p-europe West and north from centre 09:00-19:00 : € 1.20/hour, € 11.00/day
p-europe South from centre 09:00-24:00 : € 1.00/hour, € 5.50/day
p-europe Railway station zone 09:00-19:00 : € 1.00/hour, halfday ticket € 2.30
p-europe Long term parking Flanders Expo: halfday ticket € 5.50, 1 day € 11.00

Car parks in Ghent

The city offers a big parking capacity in car parks. Parking rates : €0.50-1.50/hour, daily maximum is € 5.00-15.00. READ MORE

P+R parkings Gent

Free parking is possible on most of the P+R locations on the outskirts of the town. Public bus transfer to the city centre is available.
P+R Gentbrugge - Land van Rodelaan 9 - 9050 Gent
P+R Oostakker - Antwerpsesteenweg - 9040 Gent
P+R Flanders Expo - Maaltekouter 1 - 9051 Gent (chargeable parking)
P+R Wondelgem Industrieweg - Liefkensstraat - 9032 Gent
P+R Wondelgem - Botestraat/Blauwstraat - 9032 Gent
P+R Mariakerke - Brugsesteenweg 650 - 9030 Mariakerke
P+R Moscou - Jozef Vervaenestraat - Gentbrugge