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Liberec is a city located in the north of the Czech Republic, near the border with Poland and Germany.. Car Parking in Liberec? We give you some free advice about parking rates, car parks and p+r locations around the city.

Parking in liberec

There are many street parking spaces available in the city center, but these can be difficult to find during peak hours. There are several parking garages located in the city center, including the Centrum Babylon Parking Garage and the Forum Liberec Parking Garage.
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Events in Liberec

Some of the biggest events in Liberec:
  1. The Czech Open - an international tennis tournament held in August, attracting professional players from around the world.

  2. The Liberec Film Festival - a film festival held in September, showcasing both Czech and international films.

  3. The Christmas markets - held in the city center during the holiday season, offering traditional Czech Christmas crafts, food, and drinks.

  4. The Summer Shakespeare Festival - a theatrical festival held in the gardens of the historic Ještěd Tower, featuring performances of Shakespeare's plays.

  5. The Liberec Half Marathon - a half marathon held in April, attracting runners from across the region.

  6. The Liberec Autumn Fair - a fair held in September, featuring local food and drink, crafts, and entertainment.

Popular tourist Attractions in Liberec

  1. Ještěd Tower: This iconic television tower is also a hotel and restaurant, and offers stunning views of the city and surrounding countryside.

  2. Botanic Gardens: The Botanic Gardens in Liberec are known for their extensive collection of exotic plants from around the world, as well as their beautiful gardens and water features.

  3. The Museum of North Bohemia: This museum showcases the history and culture of the Liberec region, with exhibits on art, archaeology, and natural history.

  4. Liberec Zoo: This zoo is home to over 170 species of animals, including lions, tigers, and elephants. It also features a children's petting zoo and a playground.

  5. Technical Museum of Liberec: This museum features exhibits on technology and industry, with a focus on the history of transportation and energy production.

  6. Liberec Town Hall: This beautiful Neo-Renaissance building is located in the city center and features a tower with a clock and chimes.

  7. IQ Park: This science museum features interactive exhibits on physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as a planetarium and outdoor park.