3europe Perugia is a city in the Italian region of Umbria. The city is a major center of medieval art, has a beautiful central area and is home of the Umbria Jazz Festival. The city is a major producer of chocolate.

Parking in Perugia

ïta Paid parking applies in the centre of the city. Parking is unlimited and rather cheap on-street as well as in car parks. Please note that the centre of Perugia is a Zona Traffico Limitato (ZTL) where access is permitted to ZTL holders only.

parking perugia

ZTL zone Perugia

ïta Perugia has restricted areas (Centro Storico and Corso Garibaldi) in the centre of the town. Access is authorized to ZTL permit holders only. The zone is controlled by video cameras and active on weekdays from 13:00-24:00 and on holidays every day from 07:00-24:00. If you stay in a hotel inside the ZTL, ask your hotel to registrate for the zone.

On-street parking Perugia

ïta Paid parking applies in the area around Centro Storico from Monday-Friday 09:00-21:00. Parking rate € 1.10-1.35/hour.
ïta In the area adjacent to the city ring paid parking is applicable on Monday-Friday from 08:00-18:00. Rate € 0.60-1.20/hour.

Car parks Perugia

Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city centre. Parking rates are : € 1.40-1,80/hour, daily maximum € 16.00. Special rate applies for evening parking 20:00-02:00 : fixed rate of € 2.50
P1 - Porta Sant'Antonio - Viale Sant'Antonio, - 06122 Perugia
P2 - Parcheggio Viale Pellini - Viale Pompeo Pellini - 06124 Perugia
P3 - Mercato Coperto - Via Angusta, - 06123 Perugia
P4 - Galleria Di Calistroni - Via Santa Margherita - 06122 Perugia
P5 - Parcheggio Briglie - Via Tancredi Ripa di Meana, - 06125 Perugia
P6 - Parcheggio Piazza Partigiani - Piazza Partigiani - 06128 Perugia
P7 - Parcheggio Piazzale Europa - Piazzale Europa, - 06126 Perugia