europe Montpellier is situated in the southwest of France, 10 km from the Mediterranean coast. The city is a center for cultural events with two large concert venues. Other popular sites are Musée Fabre, Château Flaugergues, Montpellier Cathedral, Zoological Park, Château de la Mogère, Promenade du Peyrou and Palace royale du Peyrou. MORE ABOUT MONTPELLIER

Parking in Montpellier

p-europe The inner city of Montpellier is a car free zone where parking is not permitted. Parking is possible the three parking zones around this zone. The parking fee is very reasonable. If you like to park in the city centre please be advised to do so in a car park. On-street parking is set to a great part of Montpellier on weekdays, not on Sunday.
parking Montpellier

On-street parking Montpellier

p-europe In the first area around the car free zone paid parking is set on Monday-Saturday from 09:00-18:00. The maximum stay is 2 hours, parking rate first hour € 2.00, max. € 4.00 for two hours.
p-europe In the second adjacent area the maximum stay is 5 hours, parking rate is € 1.30* for the first hour, € 4.00 for 5 hours.
p-europe In the third adajacent area the maximum stay is 9 hours, parking rate is € 0.80* for the first hour, € 2.00 for 9 hours.
* these rates will be decreased by 1 jan 2018.

Car parks Montpellier

Unlimited parking is set to car parks in the city center. Parking rates in public car parks : € 1.80-2.10/hour, daily maximum € 12,80-21,00. Special rates for evening and overnight parking are applicable. READ MORE