car parking netherlands europe Parking is difficult in towns with a historical inner city due to the lack of parkings spaces. Be aware that parking rates in Amsterdam are the highest of Europe. So our advise is to use the car parks in the city centre or the Park and Ride facilities on the outskirts of the city. Cheaper and safe.


Speed limits

The following max. speed limits apply for cars and motorbikes:
Urban areas : max 50 km/h
Regional roads : 80 km/h
Highways: 130 km/h (from 07:00-18:00 : 100km/h)

Parking regulations

In almost all cities on-street parking is not free of charge. Parking tickets are available from the central pay and display machines at the side of the road. The parking rate can be paid in cash or with credit card. The ticket must be displayed in the front window.
Parking is not allowed next to black and white or yellow curbs and where P-signs prohibite this.

parking in blue zones

With your international blue parking disc you may park for free in the designated area for a limited number of hours. If you need one, you can purchase it from tobacco shops, car supply shops and police stations.

Parking disabled car drivers The European Blue Card is valid in the Netherlands. With this card you may park on parking spaces reserved for card holders only, but not if the space is marked with someone's name or a licence plate number.
Parking is unlimited in blue zones to blue card holders. Driving and parking is not permitted in a pedestrian zone.