europe Den Bosch is the capital of the province of North Brabant, located in the south of the Netherlands. Den Bosch is a medieval city and among the oldest cities in the Netherlands. It's a fantastic place for shopping and pleisure, especially at weekends. MORE ABOUT DEN BOSCH

Parking in Den Bosch

p-europe Paid parking is set to a great part of Den Bosch ('s Hertogenbosch). The centre has limited parking facilities. For parking we advise to use the car parks or the P+R's on the edge of the city centre.

parking Den Bosch

On-street parking in Den Bosch

parking europe Paid parking is set to the centre of Den Bosch on Monday-Saturday from 09:00-24:00, Sunday from 14;00-24:00. The stay is unlimited except in some shopping streets where the the stay is limited to 30-60 minutes. Parking rate € 2.50/hour, max daily € 15,00.
parking europe In the first area adjacent paid parking is set from Monday-Saturday from 09:00-18:00, Sunday from 14:00-18:00. Unlimited parking, except of the Stationsplein (60 min). Parking rate € 2,00/hour, daily max € 12,00.

Car parks in Den Bosch

Guarded parking is set to car parks in the city centre. Parking rates : € 2.20-3.00/hour, daily maximum € 20.00. READ MORE

P+R parkings Den Bosch

Very cheap parking is available on 3 parking lots on the outskirts of the city centre. Parking included public transport for 4 persons to the city for a promotional fee of just € 4,00 !!!
- P+R Willemspoort - Vlijmenseweg 10 - 5223 GW Den Bosch
- P+R De Vliert - Stadionlaan 9 - 5213 JH Den Bosch
- P+R Pettelaarpark - Pettelaarpark 59 - 5216 PP Den Bosch