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Funchal is the capital city of the island of Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its beautiful botanical gardens, charming old town, and stunning views of the sea.

Park your car in Funchal?

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It's important to note that parking in Funchal can be challenging during peak tourist seasons, so it's recommended to arrive early or consider using public transportation instead. Additionally, some areas of Funchal have restrictions on parking, so it's important to always check local signs and regulations to avoid parking fines or towed vehicles.

Parking in Funchal

Parking in Funchal can be a bit challenging due to the limited parking spaces available in the city center. However, there are several options for parking in Funchal:

On Street Parking Funchal

Please be aware that a blue parking lot sign shows that there are parking spaces there, that these are only reserved for residents. Parking areas marked in white and a large white “M” also indicate that these parking areas are reserved for Moradores (residents). So al lot of rules. We advice you to park in a car park.

Car Parks in Funchal

The biggest and the best car park in Funchal is Almirante Reis close to Cable Car terminus and the Old Town of Funchal. Rates are around € 1,40 per hour and € 10,- a day.

Drive cautiously

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Funchal's steep hills and narrow streets can make driving challenging, so it's important to drive cautiously and be aware of other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists on the road.

Public Transport in Funchal

If you're not comfortable driving in Funchal, there are several other transportation options available, including public buses, taxis, and tour operators.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Funchal

Monte Palace Tropical Garden

a beautiful botanical garden with stunning views of the sea and the city.

Funchal Old Town

a charming historic district with narrow streets, traditional houses, and plenty of cafes and restaurants.

Cable Car to Monte

a scenic cable car ride that takes you from Funchal to Monte, a hillside town with beautiful views and a historic church.

Mercado dos Lavradores

a vibrant market with a huge selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers, as well as traditional handicrafts and souvenirs.

São Tiago Fortress

a historic fortress located on the waterfront, with beautiful views of the sea and the city.

Madeira Botanical Garden

a beautiful garden with a huge variety of plants and flowers, including some rare and endangered species.

Madeira Wine Museum

a museum dedicated to the history and production of Madeira wine, one of the island's most famous exports.

Important roads in Funchal

Funcha has a network of roads that connect the city center to its surrounding areas. Here are some of the main roads in Funchal:
Avenida do Mar
This is a popular road that runs along the seafront in Funchal's city center. It's a pedestrian-friendly street with many cafes, restaurants, and shops.
Estrada Monumental
This is a major road that runs along the south coast of Madeira, connecting Funchal to other towns and villages such as Camara de Lobos, Canico, and Ponta do Sol.
Rua da Carreira
This is a busy street in Funchal's city center that connects Avenida do Mar to Avenida do Infante. It's home to many shops, restaurants, and businesses.
Avenida do Infante
This is a major road that runs through Funchal's city center, connecting the east and west sides of the city. It's a popular shopping street with many boutiques and department stores.
Rua 5 de Outubro
This is a historic street in Funchal's city center that's lined with traditional Portuguese buildings and home to many restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Routes around Funchal Madeira

There are many scenic routes to explore around Funchal, the capital city of Madeira in Portugal. Here are three popular routes to consider:

Estrada Monumental

This is a scenic coastal road that runs along the south coast of Madeira, from Funchal to the village of Camara de Lobos. Along the way, you'll pass by beautiful beaches, seaside villages, and impressive cliff formations.

Encumeada Pass

This is a scenic mountain road that connects the north and south coasts of Madeira. The road winds through lush forests and offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys and mountains.

Pico do Arieiro

This is a mountain road that takes you to the summit of Pico do Arieiro, the third highest peak on Madeira. The road is steep and narrow, but offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
It's important to note that some of the roads are challenging to navigate, especially for inexperienced drivers. It's also important to check the weather conditions before embarking on any road trips, as some roads may be closed during inclement weather. Additionally, there are several tour operators that offer guided tours of these scenic routes, which may be a good option for those who prefer not to drive themselves.