europe Bratislava is the capital and largest city in Slovakia. It is the administrative, cultural and economic centre of the country. Bratislava is situated close to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. Popular touristical attractions are the Bratislava Castle, the National Theater, the St. Martin's Cathedral and several other churches and galleries. MORE ABOUT BRATISLAVA

Parking in Bratislava

parking europe Parking in Bratislava is restricted in the city centre. Street parking is only allowed on parking bays with white lines. Parking on bays with yellow/red lines is forbidden. Therefore we advise you to park in one of the safeguarded car parks in the central area.

On-street parking in Bratislava

Paid parking applies in the city centre of Bratislava on working days from 08:00-16:00. The maximum stay is unlimited, parking rate is € 0.70/hour. The parking bays are marked by a blue road sign. Parking tickets can be purchased from street parking officials in yellow vests and at news stands.

Please note that many parking places in the centre (marked with a white cross on the ground with a blue road sign "Reserve") are private. Parking here is not permitted.

Car parks in Bratislava

If you prefer long-term parking, the car parks in the city centre are the best options. The parking rates are € 1.00-4.00 per hour, pending on location and time of parking. The high rates are in the hotel parkings. Lower rates apply for weekend, evening and overnight parking.
P1- Park Inn Hotel Danube - Rigeleho ulica - 81102 Bratislava
P2 - Hotel Devin - Riecna 4 - 81102 Bratislava
P3 - Garáž Osobny pristav - Fajnorovo nabrezie 2 - 81102 Bratislava
P4 - BPS parkovisko Starý most - Gondova - 81102 Bratislava
P5 - Garáž Carlton - Hviezdoslavovo námestie 185/1 -81102 Bratislava
P6 - Garáž Opera - Palackého 1 - 81102 Bratislava
P7 - Garáž Center- Uršulínska ul. 6665 - 81101 Bratislava
P8 - BPS parkovisko Veterna - Veterna ul. - 81103 Bratislava
P9 - Hotel Crowne Plaza - Hodžovo námestie 2 - 81106 Bratislava
P10 - Garáž Tatracentrum - Vysoká ulica - 81106 Bratislava
P11 - Garáž TESCO - Rajska námestie - 81108 Bratislava
P12 - Rajska - Rajska námestie - 81108 Bratislava
P13 - Cintorinska Parking - Cintorinska - 81108 Bratislava
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